Drinking Water Ice Making a big belly?

Written By Luthfie fadhillah on Saturday, March 12, 2011 | 1:16 AM

I am a big fan of cold drinks. Want to hot or cold weather, I still drink cold. So far no serious problems with my health. However, recently I read on the internet, ice water or cold water is not good for health. Others say that cold water makes the stomach distended. What to do, huh, Doc? "(Letter from Yana, Cipinang Muara).

According to Dr. Slamet Iman Santoso R Soetomo, internist, basically every person could have anything to drink boiled water, such as bottled water, hot tea, or cold water using ice cubes. People will become resistant to temperature stimuli as above when in infancy, childhood, young adult, adult, and by old age are taught constantly. In principle, people would be healthier if all things are eaten or drunk close to body temperature. Thus, your entire digestive system is not too much trouble to adjust the temperature of food intake.

Of course people should drink cold water because the body can surely adjust to the intake, but the organs of the body in the finished work a bit extra. Drinking cold water is generally okay, but there are weaknesses that are relative. For example, there are germs that can live at low temperatures (at high temperatures the bacteria had been turned off).

In addition, at cold temperatures, the nerves around the mouth, throat, until the upper abdomen would suddenly aroused. Mucous membrane in the vicinity were also stimulated (shrinking) even though very little. Enzymes and gastric juices will react quickly to the cold temperatures.

You can feel when the weather is very hot, our body will feel hot and sweaty. If you drink water with ice cubes, the stomach will feel cramps or spasms. Drinking ice will change the rhythm or the employment ordinance tool in the body, especially the stomach. Indirect result of these reactions is the emergence of a little gas in the stomach which can make a distended stomach as you read

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Drinking Water Ice Making a big belly?

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Drinking Water Ice Making a big belly?

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